PfA 3 Newsletters

The PfA 3 newsletters give a weekly insight into what’s happening within this group, both at College and for our learners at home.

February 2021

February week 3 – It has been fantastic weather this week and we have managed to enjoy a variety of activities outside, including Tag Rugby. It has been ‘ Pasta’ week in PfA3 and the learners have shown fantastic cooking skills. We have also made pom poms and felt balls in art in preparation for garland making.

February week 2 – The newsletter this week boasts articles about our BBC news visit, wonderful art creations, fun in the snow, fantastic life skills and some interesting pancake facts following Shrove Tuesday.

February week 1It is great to see our learners both at College and at home keeping fit, especially in this cold weather! Who will win the most gold medals?

January 2021

January week 2Find out how our learners have been practising their home cooking skills. We have more fantastic art work and so pleased to see our learners continuing with Oakley’s jukebox walking challenge.

January week 1Look what we have been up to in College and at home. You can see the various options learners could choose to complete, some of their amazing art work, and how they have overcome some home learning questions which demonstrates our wonderful learners’ determination and resilience.