Statements and Policies

Admissions Statement

The Trustees of Skills for Independence and Employability Limited (trading as The Oaks Specialist College) have delegated the responsibility and accountability for all staff recruitment, except for appointment of senior leaders, to the leadership and managers of the College. Similarly, the Trustees have delegated responsibility for all learner admissions to the leadership and management of the College.

The key principle is that each of our learners are unique individuals. Therefore, there are no fixed or overarching admissions criteria – the leadership and staff of the College make decisions based upon their assessment of the College’s ability to meet individual needs. This is balanced against the needs of all learners in the College, and the likelihood of the College offer enabling learners to learn and to make educational and personal progress that is of significant benefit to the learner and to wider society.

The decision of the College leaders is final and there is no right of appeal.

Attendance Statement

At The Oaks we expect full attendance from our learners. If they are too unwell to attend College please inform us by 9:00am on each day of absence by calling the office number on 01732 207950, or by emailing We ask you to do this so we know our learners are safe.