Between 1st -7th November learners across PfA2 and PfA3 undertook activities as part of UK Parliament Week. UK Parliament Week looked different in 2020 compared with 2019. Instead of a College wide event we remained in our PfA bubbles and ran separate activities.

PfA 2 focused on British Values, specifically Democracy, and learners were able to explore the impact of Democracy in their everyday lives.

In PfA 3 learners developed their understanding of the different topics that exist within politics  in the UK and why we have a Parliament.

Learners also took part in a range of political debates about familiar topics such as: wearing face masks in College and the outside community and job opportunities for disabled persons.

Learners explored the 38 Degrees website to research online petitions in order to engage with community action for political issues that were important to them e.g. changes to animal welfare standards, pay rises for NHS staff, and making Amazon pay fairer wages.

Check out our certificate of participation here.