Preparation for Adulthood’s Remote Education Provision

Each pathway offers learners working from home at least 3 hrs of high quality learning including live sessions, assignments and pre recorded videos. We understand that each learner’s personal circumstance is different, and therefore please adapt these timetables to your own needs. Live sessions are included on the timetable, and these will be available for 21 days after the session has taken place for learners to access on Teams. Our learning programme will be made up of:

Face to Face teaching – this applies to learners who are attending college. Learners at home will have access to the same work.

Face to Face and remote teaching – this learning takes place in the classroom with both learners at college and at home via Microsoft Teams.

Remote – this applies to learners who are learning full time at home.

To see your latest timetable please click your PfA group.

PFA 1 Timetable

PFA 2 Timetable

PfA 3 Timetable